Beyond Illusion!!!!

Hues!! and hazes

Life is something beyond the illusion.

I have been in this illusion.

I was not getting out of it.

Perfection I was finding out and was digging the hole.

A hole for my Tomb.

A hole for my fall.

Sweta was in the illusion….

Finding no where to go and nothing to find.

Somebody, Somebody, Somebody………..

Somebody blindedfolded me…….

I was a naive and beliving was the greatest Sin.

Sin, never could be washed by any soap.

Sin, that I had asked freedom.

 Listen!!! Listen!!! Hear me!!!

There is something beyond illusion….

Life is precious….precious…

Beyond illusions there is another life

Another hope and hope of living……

Another hope of survival……

Another hope of sucess…….

Another hope of Love and life…..


One Response

  1. Hey,
    Touching words and feelings and have the passion of survival. Quite philosophical…nice thought of this life.

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