The Hanging Body!!!

Now, I am being serious. Perhaps talking about the serious thing and what could be more serious than “Death”. Death is mandatiry and when people are borned they die and this is for sure. Death is the most tragic thing and I hate death so much. I hate dying and I hate dead bodies. Death because they snatch life, dying because one needs to die and dead bodies because they do not feel anything simply because they are dead. But why there is creul death and why is there a need to die….Why is it mandatory?

I was really frightened and I hadn’t really believed my friend when she had told about about the death of her sister. Why death is so much sinister? I hadn’t really believed her sister had died.  I wish I had called her before the exam day and had told the question is out and my brother had some of the questions.

The day after the Chemistry exam ( of her sister and my brother’s too )my friend called me and I was in real jolly mood that day. I was bathing that time. I didn’t received her phone call too. And after a long time she called me back in my home’s number from her cell and then as always i received the phone in a jolly mood. She happened to be brusted in tears. She was crying so hard that I cried with her too. But I actually didn’t knew why I was crying. I was asking K bhayo …Kbhayo… then she tells me that her sister had died…Hey could I believe that sweet girl had died.

I brusted into tears with her and she was calling me to her home. I told this at my home. I was crying so hard. I could not believe and imagine that she is no more. Then I went to bazzar with dad. All time on the way I was thinking about her wishing that what my friend had told was wrong. She must be joking. That sweet girl of my brother’s age had died.

When I reached her home , I was too uncontrollable and I could not consloe them anyhow. My friend’s mother too seemed crying so much. I did that so much badly. I could not give a word of console to her. Perhaps I needed a consolation because I found that the girl had HUNGED herself. How could she hung herself?? Take away the precious life. Life is so much precious , how could she snatch it so rudely?? She is not supposed to do that. She is not.

But what a dismay…She is dead now and life runs easily. But when I think of she hanging in her room…then my heart beats faster….Why has she died just because she had hunged herself. She needed to be a doctor and do so many things before dying. But what say?? Her existence is no more and I feel pity for that.

P.S. The thought of the hanging body!!! had hanged me so much and still today when I think of her I hate death…but what a dismay I need to accept Death as a part of life and I will do that. Come on I need to die!!! LOL


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