People, Power and Position

People when gain power and position what will happen?? Sweta doesn’t know answer to this question because she doesnot have any position and power. I wish I had a good position and a good life. Yes I am living a good life. There is no doubt. There is no doubt that I am happy with life but see human desire. They vary so much and so much varies is their instincts.

Your instincts determines you and your ability and your position. But to my dismay why do those people with power and position have such an bad instincts ( No, I am not talking about Politicians, leave them who cares them). I am talking about simple people who have got a little power and position but see their instincts will not let them go anywhere. One example of people shoplifting…( Just now I remembered that some hollywood actresses arrested..LOL )

So, this is their instincts and they can’t be away from it and they will be with the person all their life inspite of their achievement, power and position. I am really weak when people talk so good and let me feel I am so good. There Sweta fails. This is my greatest moral faliure that I evaulate people from their power and position.

My moral faliure is my greatest weakness and it is proved either.It is proved because I am helpless and I am feeling too helpless now. I am feeling that I need to be little more strong. No, I am not going to be or continue myself as a chicken hearted person.

I think I am talking about myself. I am supposed to write about those morally weak and characterless person. Instincts determines character. People might succeed once and they might reach the height once…but such people must fall for the victory of truth and for the glory of good.

People either get a lot of power and position do not get out from their instincts. They have been build up like that. Let me give example of the instincts of a lion and of lamb…One can easily trace out the difference. A good person and a morally sound and characterly well build up person can never fail. Yes, they can fail but they can rise up. They can stand in their feet again because they are good.

But bad people and morally worthless people fail and I believe they can’t stand again. They have to suffer because of their own instincts. I remember my mom’s dialogue-: “Manche ko bani…ashim pad ( position), achal sampati je bhaye ni jadaina”. I find truth in this staement. Perhaps these all above words are derived from her words.

P.S. People’s instincts can never be changed. Perhaps I am disillusioned now or is their anything left….


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