A new Passion

Why after all I write? I don’t even know the answer of this question. A friend asked the question and I was thinking what to give answer. I think I write to express myself and I do it passionately. Everything I write is I write about my unexpressed feelings, my hidden desires and my thoughts which I can’t share with anyone. Now writing has become a passion. I want to write about everything and everything that I experience in my life. But however I can’t because certain things are to be censored and this prevents me from expressing myself fully. Something’s are to be hidden ni hoina?

But I hate hiding things, I want to express everything. Perhaps I needed a friend with whom I could share everthing but me unlucky never blessed with such friends. Hey I am blessed with numerous friends I I told I am not then it would be injustice to them. My best friend Sanju is in SIngapore and I miss her a lot more than anything. Perhaps in her absence I have become this and to make myself away from the lonliness I am writing. Blogging has become a passion indeed. I am very new to this blogging world and as someone had told I am really enjoying blogging world. I am thankful to him that this was an appropriate platform and he is responsible somehow for my writings. LOL!!

Blogging has become a passion because it is so easy and thanks to dad for the ADSL net. Without this too my blogging would not have been a passion. I am happy writing these words here and to get comments from my friends is what I love. I don’t want blogging be addiction like chatting. Hey! I am not addicted to chatting hai…but I love chatting and I really love it. I am talking about blogging here it is a new hobby to write my feelings, my experiences and my feelings. I am being away from my diary because I am too involved in blogging like this.

Its 7:30 PM and today is Friday. I love fridays because after friday comes Saturday and I love resting Saturdays.

The above words were saved yesterday night and now today it is Saturday. I love saturdays and I just love my lose resting and eating hours. But today I am busy I need to go to Gurukul,,,I love going there. I was talking about a new passion that has been capturing my mind like anything. I am being away from books and writing ( hand writing ) because I am busy blogging. Whenever there is time I am blogging and I find this new passion really interesting.

I want to write write and write. But I know there are no standarsds in my writing. But I am sure I can develop a standard of myself. I need to learn a lot. Perhaps these above words are also the result of my reading my friend’s or my idol’s blog. Yes, the credit goes to the creator of this blog. I even didnot knew what was a blog infact. Thanks to him. I am really enjoying blogging.

I write I know but my writings are little childsih I believe. More that simple and language they are flowery and they do not make sense. I feel pity why after all i have not heard my teacher’s words that “Sweta you just write but there is nothing inyour writing just your language is good.” I am taking this seriously..Shishir sir…I am now realizing how much writing is important for me. Also my new friend gave me suggestion to seek words and I am doing that I am trying to see dictionary when ever I have free time. Thanks to you.

A new passion is what I love and I am loving it like anything. I love writing listening music. Like I am doing right now I am listening this song “Mitwa” from the movie Laagan and this is energizing me. The song is soothing and enlighting. And I love doing this two things together.

So, this may be the answer of question of my friend “Why do you write spaces?” It is simply because I love writing.

P.S. A new passion is making me feel so good. That I am loving it 🙂


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