Two days left for Teej to come. Tomorrow is “Dar Khane Din” meaning Dar eating day. But today I went for a long drive to my Dad’s Sisters House to give them Dar. My mom had been planning this since long and to send them Dar.  They will be obiviously happy because it is their brother n their parental home they miss a lot in Teej festival. So just not letting them to miss I had to go there and fulfill my paents void space.  I am feeling good to see those smiles at my Fupu’s ( I have two ). Their smile made my such a long drive worthful.

I hate to drive such a long road. They are quite far away from us.  But I loved to continue my culture and watch them smiling and their heart happy. So I am little bit exhausted from the long drive and came back to office and since here is no work to do for me I am busy typing these word. I had shouted at mom so much today but see I am feeling sorry for her. I didn’t want her to be tired so I went there. But I am extermely tired.

My Fupus were telling me dont be hungry at Teej. You should eat and so many long lecture ( No I didn’t listened and it was short perhaps ) But they were concerned when I had told them that I do not drink a single drop of water also. (LOL ) I love celebrating it come on its once a year and I enjoy being hungry likr that without drinking a drop of water full in red appartion. My mom’s red jingling bangles plus some jewellies (but they make me allergic). But I enjoy trying to look beautiful among the mass.

So, Teej is finally here. Today too I look like I have been waiting for Teej. These Red jingling bangles of my mom, This pearl necklace I am wearing plus a simple earring and my ring on my finger. Also this extremely embroided Top.( But sad it is Black ) I wished it were Red. ( Hahah Perhaps I wish that I do not look like a married women ) I want to look what I am and what is the reality that I am unmarried and I am celebrating Teej and giving continuity to my culture.

I am going to enjoy this festival.  I am desperately waiting for tommorrow to eat Dar my grand mom cooks.


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