Midnight Illusion

It is now 9:20 PM and it is certainly midnight for me. I would have been sleeping and dreaming perhaps in this time and I am see typing these words in my blog. I am glad that I received mail from my friend and he praised my blogsite. I am happy for this really happy for this. After all there is someone. I dont want to amke the blog so popular but also I would love if my friends my close friends read it all and I would love to receive comment from them.

Likewise I went to meet my school friend Ramita who has got the US visa and I am surprised at her and her family members calmness to handle the US going thing so easily. I am amazed. I love to be with my friends I go mad with them and be the most crazy girl. I just dont know how much I had laughed today screamed and felt good after such a long time. I always cherish their presence in my life and without them this Sweta is lone. A chicken hearted girl. But with friends I am the Lion…LOL..

So, I was really happy and ate tasty rice at Ramita’s place and then ran towards office and I was late and reached at 1145 AM hahah ( Susshhh!! my mam is not there at office she has gone for a holiday and I am enjoying my freedom ) and I enjoyed a lot today.

I think I am feeling too sleepy I really dont know what I am writing but I wrote a blog already and I dont know what I am going to write here which I have started Perhaps about the laughs I laughed today after such a long time. I have been grief striken…and today i was throwing all my disparity, dismay and laughing with friends a lot and a lot. In the road we were screaming and we crazy girls thinking nothing but just us and never thought what other people will think and just Laughed a lot in the middle of road.

Binu as always up to date….Chali looking very beautiful and Mita elegant in her 1655 rupees Top. Hey by the way they didnt gave me the cake …Oh just remembered it now. I am going to kill those girls. 

Dad’s not home yet and let me see the watch..oh its 940 PM now how could I wake up till now I must have been courageous. I am feeling fear  of ghosts. See I am alone in this room (malai Bhoot aaucha jasto lagdai cha ) Oh dear I am feeling too much fear.

Come on Sweta get your gears up. I am not moving from this place now. Oh dear Om nama Shivaya om nama Shivaya….gods gonna help me out let the bhoot kill me….no I dont want to die so young …God I need to go to bed I wont wait for dad now.

P.S. Midnight fear


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  1. This is a fantastic site. I’ve in most cases been a cheerleader of this kind of thinking. I’m hoping that this continues a revival of this kind of thinking along the same lines.

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