The Coffee House Revival

With this tearful eyes and my trembling hand, I am dropping these words in my diary. Yes, I am able to read and write, yes, I have eyes to see and my heart to feel and distinguish between what is good and what is bad. But I curse myself why I was blindfolded that time? Those continuous words are ringing in my ears. (Yes, It is ringing till now too) and figure out reality either it weren’t obscure.


He came to my Coffee Store for the first time on August 03 …Yes I remember a big smile in his face and his different nature of asking a cup of coffee and as a part of my job I served him the Hot Coffee. (Perhaps I had felt my heart trembling that day for the first time in these seven years)


My Coffee house is my home and my destiny and my world. I love the place so much because it is mine ( I call it is mine). It is my world and it is my dream being realized. I get a good amount from their collecting money for a cup of coffee I serve. Be it weren’t my Coffee House; I would have freely donate my coffee to these Coffee Lovers. Still the Coffee store is my world.


My coffee House is simple unlike others. There is a table which separates me from visitors and they can see me easily. My new coffee machine is my greatest possession. I clean it every now and then and I have given it a name “My lovely girl”. There are chairs for the visitors and they come and chat but I rarely listen to them. I am just indifferent to them. The relationship is over whenever they pay for the coffee.

Never had I got a chance to move out of my coffee house. Oh! This Coffee house has been a big responsibility for me. I had never got a chance to learn a life apart form the Coffee House where I have grown up and where I am living now. It has been seven years now, I have been the owner of the Coffee House. Serving coffee, collecting money, serving coffee and collecting money. These paper notes …Oh! I hate to get attached with them so much as I hate to drink the Coffee…even it has come through my lovely girl.

I must admit this visitor was different, as I mentioned earlier. He was not just the strange I felt. I thought I had known him from ages. I do not know why I got strike on my heart when he first came to my Coffee shop, when I looked at him and his childish smile and when he walked off from the coffee house his extraordinary walking manner. But damn I could not look at his eyes as the eyes were hidden behind the spectacles.

His visit to my Coffee House became regular. Guess what? We have started “Chatting” and “Talking” (Earlier we just shared smile). I personally felt good serving him his favorite Hot Coffee. This feeling is perhaps the new one that arose in my heart for the first time in these seven years. I do not remember much about my teenage now. But it had been a daily habit to meet him and waiting for the Clock striking six. Those few hours he spent n my Coffee Store was the moments I want to catch and make it eternal.

I had forgotten to be expressed in this hectic schedule of my life and these monotonous feelings. Never thought anything beyond the Coffee House, Coffee and damn money. Never had I imagined my escape from this hectic schedule of life. I have learnt to cherish it and love the way it is and it was. Perhaps the Coffee House was my biggest responsibility. Just never thought beyond that I am a Coffee House Girl and to serve coffee is my job and I need to earn.

Conceivably, this heart was waiting for someone to befriend and when I met this strange visitor at my Coffee House then I fell for him in fact I fell for a “friend” indeed. I shared everything with him without getting the idea that the visitor was a stranger in fact. Just what I got was a chance to be expressed and that was all. I was, perhaps having a kind of relief while talking with him and yes he came there alone. 

He told me I was a cute little thing, I was beautiful and all. Yes, I believed those words as it was first time I had heard anything like that. He claimed saying that “You are mine, only mine”. Yes I believed those heart wavering words being so much innocent. My indulgence with him was taking me away from my Coffee House and I have been realizing this. But this sweet feeling was making me intoxicated and I didn’t want to think anything.

The day I realized the fact I broke into tears, I was feeling shame and outrage for myself. My visitor was innocent because it was his way of living. I was the culprit for being away from the biggest responsibility of my life, My Coffee House. The visitor had faked that he was a bachelor, I didn’t felt bad at this point too because I thought we can be best buddies but he told those words he had spoke was fake. I was perhaps having a nervous breakdown. How could I ever imagine that the feeling of happiness was false the stranger was phony?

I had been real strong in these seven years, the strange visitor perhaps have melted my heart but he could not broke me down. I can stand and I want to stand again in the same feet (either I trembles). I can be responsible again for my Coffee House again, the place I love so much.(The place I had loved so much)all remain in the depth of my heart for ever. Perhaps I shall hide and keep those feelings safe forever. But I shall never fall for the stranger now.. I promised to my heart and my soul and myself….I shall never fall for the stranger. Perhaps, my Coffee House has been revived and I shall never let it die now. Till the eternal pace of time and till I preserve the feelings for the stranger. Let me stop writing here.  I need a good sleep now, tomorrow is my Coffee House’s Anniversary. Need to do a lot of things.


By-Sweta Baniya




2 Responses

  1. this is definately better than previous one/….. to be honest i don’t like fiction stories……but this was kind of good…why don’t u write real stories … i mean that can happen in the real life or that has happend ….i wud love to give u the story of a guy someday…seriously…
    by the nice writng style….totally appreciated

  2. What Say?? Thank you so much for the comment. By the way this story is my first fictional story. Is it better ?? Feels good when people like you give such a comment….as always you are appreciating my writings
    Hey I am going to wait for the story of the guy I know you too are writer.
    And Thank you once again for the suggestion. To tell you the truth the story is somehow real…but the settings and action are fictional…and Its my first fictional approach
    Thank you so much..

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