MeaningLess Breathe

Breathing meaninglessly insanely to live a life

Life so much absurd to live

Inhaling exhaling and exhaling inhaling

This all we discern to act

Meaningless is life

Achieving the highest position

Getting the greatest possession

Reaching the peak of success

Why we get these all?

A simple mistake to breathe will apart all form us.

This meaninglessness drives me crazy

Sublimity and its extravaganza

What is its use if we mistake to breathe?

This breathe is meaningless because it makes us alive

Possessions and position are our admiration

Why we disregard to admire breathe we take and others do?

Why we fail to admire the one falling he’s too living?

Why we for the highest heights and forget those who are down?

This is meaningless and I am not being able to find the meaning of this?

This meaning could not be found so it’s meaningless.

Breathe is meaningless to be admire

Sincerity is absurd to be respected

This is meaning less and this is completely absurd.



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