Invisible Truth

The invisible pain I am suffering. 
Unkonwn to anyone that I am still living,
Yes I am living but I am dead inside 
Unaware I am if it is murder or suicide

Invisible to anyone that I am gasping
For the breathe that I am inhaling,
Yes, I am inhaling but I am not living,
 I am unaware if I am living or I am dead.

If I were living then I would not be so dead
All the happiness and passion are becoming fade
Its true that I am living outside
but I am sincerely telling this I am dead inside

I dont know the reason why I am inhaling

For just the reason that I am living

But I dont wanna live life so insane

For I am not forgetting the pain I gain


Yes truly this is invisible truth

The truth is that I am alive with these invisible wounds

I am disabled and I am gasping for breathe

to live this life just for god’s sake


By-: Sweta


One Response

  1. Hey,

    I think you are dreaming something and it is unseen even by you..!

    It is not the feeling belongs to you it is truth man…

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