Frankenstein Review

Shishir Sir told the story of “Frankenstein” our course Novel… I thought it to be a simple gothic novel or as I had read earlier the first Science Fiction Novel. I thought it would not be boring as “Robinson Crusoe” Nah!! it was not boring but I know Shishir Sir had made it boring I lost interest reading either its important for exam hehehe… But today it was different Sir told this for second time as i and some of my friends were absent yesterday. I thought it would be a simple ghostly story or gothic as sir hjad told while giving us the background but it was superb and wonderful either.

Till the end of the story Jyoti my classmate was in tears but thank god I wasn’t but there were so many internal conflicts inside me hearing the story of the novel or say PLOT as sir told the plot of Novel.The creature longing for love and happiness became so lovable..I or say we all the students totally sympathize for the monster like creature for its longing for love and happiness its identity and its social status in the society. I get attached with the monster however horrrible Shelly has tried to make it but it was who I felt piety in my heart and that was true because I loved the monster for its situation so bad. For it had feelings that colud be made it happy and sociable. Can I say it was Like me ….I controlled myself I am not a monster and for god’s sake I am not horrible….that was difference between me and the monster. But the feelings I must say were almost same.

By the end of sir’s lecture we all were spellbound and for the first time we didn’t shout and talk or else crack jokes about everything and anything.  (I must say the normal daily classroom activities..) After so much laughter before the period we all were definately in a jolly mood and after Shishir Sir’s lecture on Frankenstein made us contemplate and I must say Jyoti’s tears were real….so much real. I could have cried but the conflict that the plot aroused inside me was stopping.

The monster wanted to have feelings, share feelings and be happy but this society restricted it and it is society who made it Monster…I am hopeless that whether this society will make me Monster either as it made that creature.

I must say an wonderful piece of art…and I am going to read it for sure …

P.S. I am contemplating and I am feeling spellbound.

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