Dislocated Heart

Feeling so much numb ……I am
Throwing all the emotions out of myself
Still hidden fears and tears that teared me up
Discolated I feel and dislocated my heart.

Going through all these hardships
I am unable to live like this,
Bounded I am and I have to live
With all these fears and tears I lock in my heart.

Why people are asking me that I look so dumb ?
I dont want to hear these things I say I am what I am
Why I am hiding this pain within my heart ?
Why I am lying all of them that I am alive?

Dislocated I feel on this earth that I am unable to live
Dislocated I feel That I am not made to be live?
But why I cant find any answer I had to live.
How many days I am surviving like this ?

Couldn’t share my problem with anyone,
I am smiling and laughing after such a diaster.
Unable I am and hopeless I feel.
I am totally dislocated, wholly dislocated
Dislocated Heart this is ……………..

P.S. I am unable to live
       Waiting for someone to make me alive


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