Superior to Divine

We were mocked and we always remained silent,

No hopes to live and we were in vain,

A silence that arouse within us had made us disabled

Still we aspired and never lose faith in god,

We were in vain and disparity

I asked my mom a “five rupee note”

For buying a pencil for my “homework”

We searched it throughout our home

Couldn’t find it all around I became desperate.

My mom shouted at me and I could not stop my silent tears.

She said to be strong girl our angel gonna come.

I could not trust her words it was fantasy indeed I thought

The days passed in disparity and vanity

Frustrated me and isolated “my family”

I feared whether I would die in this disparity

The pains and shouts the agonies were unheard

We were voiceless and strength less.

Still my mom aspired and dreamt of Angel

We fought on this matter a lot

Some years later my mom became true

I could not believe that we found our angel and that’s you

An angel who dragged out us from the hell we were living

An angel who brunt all the pains away and light the flame of life.

An angel who ended all our misery, disparity and vanity,

An angel who revived us and made us alive to step a feet again,

An angel who taught us how to speak again and how to live again,

Yes you are an angel indeed superior to god

Yes you are an angel indeed superior to divine

We admire you as a life giver

Yes you are Superior to divine.

Superior to divine.


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