Out of breathe I am here right now
Suffering from suffocation
Away from the desire to live
Now I am suffering limitlessly
living this meaningless life
Full of absurdity,
I am bound to take breathe here
Away from desire to live
Oh! Absurdity of life, Its driving me crazy,
No hopes and no desires to live nothing at all
No passion and no worth I feel about the breathe I am taking,
This breathe makes me alive and I am living too,
However I try my best I am dead inside,
You too are dead inside, Am I wrong ??
Your some part is paralyzed, is this wrong??
Yes, we all are suffocating and still we are living.
We all are living because we have to live.
We have to be alive and we have to inhale.
What more have we learnt than Inhaling and Exhaling?
Isn’t this Insane?
Isn’t it suffocating?


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