Shrawan , Sombar and Shiva

Lord Shiva and Parvati Today its Sombar ( meaning Monday ) and you can find devotees throng in the local temples and Pashupati…it would be incredible…Why after all we have so much faith upon this day?? I simply myself can’t analyze that Why I have this much belief in Shrawan, sombar and Shiva….yes lord Shiva. Young girls and womens especially have a great faith so that they can find thier own Shiva…haha meaning Prince Charming. Hope and faith that girls could find the best husband in town….No I donot believe in this that I do such a hard fast for my Prnice Charming or Mr. Right. I do it with a full respectful heart to lord Shiva with a hope a huge and big hope that God would smile over me ….. With due respect to lord Shiva I do this rather finding someone who is believed to end my misery or transform my life into most beautiful one.No I do not perform my fast to end my imperfect life and drag it in a way of perfection. I see and you too can see the enthusiasm among women and men both. Everyone I see want to perform the best puja in the temple…The more item and variety of Pujas and the more and more style of performing puja. Oh ! they want to do it first everyone wants to perform her puja first she pushes and be first to do it. Oh! She wants to please lord Shiva !!! and she wants to ask PERFECTION with lord Shiva…One home, one car,one son, Son’s nice education ….no no god my son must be First in exam…I mock these people and I feel laughing at them…It is not that you worship god for asking so many things with a believe that he shall provide you everything by your offerings of some amount of milk or a huge amount of money you invest….or the daily doses of puja you perform….Does just performing puja will let all sins washed…the inherent evil nature we have and all those bad things we have done and we are doing.I may be wrong at many points but I believe in my belief and I am of the opinion that I should believe in god with my respectful heart and a devoted soul and I do that….never wore a kurta sulwar while going Mandir….Mom has taken me ….I needed to go ….just wearing shorts and my huge t-shirt.. I somehow felt shy but nevermind I had gone to give respect to lord Shiva and I did it somehow..I hope…

P.S. Shrawan is often regarded as the month of Shiva…Shiva devotees perform fast ….and they worship lord shiva…I do it my way ….different from others…..


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  1. Yes,
    I totally agree with you. Only worshiping the God can not wash dirty of our heart and mind but depends on the activities of second by second. I think the concept of worshiping God should be change but it is also equally important that we should not forget our culture.

    When I was in Nepal, I used to go to the Pashupati Temple specially on Wednesday may be in once or twice in a month(Every Wed my college used to be closed). I didn’t have any special pray but I used to go there. I used to enjoy a peaceful environment specially in the morning but i don’t have the answer of why and how. I used to seat there nearly for 2 hours of my each visit. Beside I used to visit temples like Suryavinayak, Budanilakantha, and my ‘favorite temple and place’ Tal-baharai of Pokhara; which is surrounded by Fewa Lake.

    Still, I fell relax in such place and visiting even being alone.

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