Quest of a dreaming Girl

Everyone plans for life and always dream something. Most of the people are really busy planning the things that they will do tomorrow. Their dream or dreams are based on how they can improve their lifestyles and how they can make their living more beautiful than now more prosperous than now and make their living wonderful. They are all idiosyncratic and think about the things to be done for themselves and for their family members but others. They don’t have any time to think about others and just think and plan for themselves only. Never got a chance to think for other than home, family and relatives. I am asking WHY??? ….Why is this so because this is the way you live and is this the way prescribed for you? Is this how you live by?? The answer would be yes….because this is your life and you want it to be more and more beautiful than others…..Am I wrong?? But I don’t to be included in your entire category. But I sometime feel that I too have fallen in your category. That time my heart aches and I feel a deep pain how could I be so much idiosyncratic and how could I be rated in your category. So I would like to have a change within myself because I don’t like to be idiosyncratic and self-centered. So I implanted a quest within myself. A quest that is my personal view that came in my mind while I was traveling through the road. Just a quest that changed my views and thinking. A quest that makes me happy that I am not like those sick idiosyncratic. This quest lifted my spirit up and made me too feel better. That day as usual I was traveling sitting at my dad’s bike through the same road and through the same place. There was a huge traffic jam as it used to be always and the place smelled so bad and the place was little far away from Kalimati and that Bishnumati River smelling so horrible….Everyone was closing their nose. Not looking at the river too. I traveled through the bridge everyday but that day only I realized that we travel the road everyday but we never think to kill the smell and thought of cleaning the river. The river is in completely miserable and is completely horrible too. No one is responsible for it but we are. We are responsible for the condition of the river so bad. I realized and I just planted the quest in me that I dream of seeing the river fresh as ever and seeing the river flowing with the water so fresh and I dream for the river to be the most popular hangouts were people could make their morning and evening walks…or just go around that will give a immense pleasure. I dreamt me enjoying with the flow of the river and I dreamt that someday I will go there to enjoy a day that will give me inner pleasure and emotional escape. After all where could I search for the happiness…..I will surely find that in my dream and my quest. This is the quest of dreaming girl l. A simple dreaming girl dreaming for the surrounding. Yes, I too have dreams for my family and for myself. But my dreams are not limited in my circles because they are for all. This is the quest of a dreaming girl……..




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