Moments That Went by

Time is the most powerful weapon that nature preserves, a year divided into 12 months, 12 months into 365 days, 365 days into 52 weeks, each week containing 7 days and each day 24 hours, each hour divided into minutes, minutes into seconds and seconds into the thing most precious moments. Life is based on each moment we lived and the greatest experiences we gain through living each moment. Moments we just live becomes a sweet reminiscence or becomes a mere experience. Here is my mere experience when I realized the importance of a single moment that went by…that day a period was off in our college. I and my friends were cracking some silly jokes. One of my friends had brought her rupees 200‘s swimsuit, as summer was in we all were planning to go for swim this year and buy a swimsuit each. Then we had asked her to bring her swimsuit and that day she brought it. We were making fun of it. There were no one in the class instead we seven. We took her swim suit out and she was teaching the way how one can wear it just to create a funny environment. Then stretched then we seven stretched the swimsuit and every one bumped except one of my friend who was busy with her new cell-phone. I didn’t know what she was doing as I too was busy stretching the swimsuit to look once. It was too beautiful and my friend would look really sweet in that. Then we again cracked some silly jokes relating the swimsuit and mocking my friend and laughing a lot. This day our laughter was a little more as we girls were acting savage and laughing a lot. Then the teacher in next class came and asked us to be silent. How could we act so abnormal that day as we all were injected with laughter and amusements? Just acting normal we acted to obey teacher’s command. Then my friend who owned the swimsuit happened to wear it upon the college dress, saying that she was teaching us how to wear it. Then she jumped from a bench to other pretending she was swimming and we all were busy laughing at the silly activity done by her. There was knock on the door as we had closed it. My friend hurriedly opened the swimsuit and then made a roll and kept in her bag. Thank-god there was other girls of our class and they told the period was off and the teacher is coming. Then we became silent. Till the teacher had arrived we were normal and we were really silent and we forgot all the things we did. We listened to teacher silently and no one talked a single word. Then as usual after the last period was over we went to our home. Tomorrow as we all came to the college we were recalling what we did the previous day then my friend who was busy with her cell yesterday asked us to see a thing in her cell once only. We agreed and then saw the new video she has captured and it was none other than all the activities we did yesterday. All those laughter, all those mirth and all those smiles were recorded by my friend who was busy with her cell phone that day. We were all happy as she did a nice job to make us happier than yesterday. And as usual we laughed a lot in front of our other surprised and angry colleagues. I realized the importance of the moments we live by and the moments that went by. Actually moments are really precious The moment we lived today becomes the most precious things in our life. The moments that always provide bliss and always gives the warmth of contentment. Days easily pass but preserves the moment that we live by. This is the greatest thing that time provides us. Time is running incessantly, never waiting for anyone, transfiguring everyone, everything but the giving the greatest present to live by and that’s the memories of the moments that we had been through. Moments are just moments after all and it will be moments only afterwards but while coming across all those thousands of moment a moment will come that will ever touch our heart and give the ecstasy of happiness that is more than when we had experienced it previously and when we remember it afterwards.



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