Looking Through The glass

As usual I was going to college through a local bus; there was a huge traffic jam as it used to be always. It was as if daily routine. Neither I could get up and walk to the college nor did I have interest just to sit there and wait till the bus moves on. Then suddenly I happened to look outside through a glass then my all boredom went off. I enjoyed the views so much that they are still present fresh on my mind. As I happened to see outside I saw many people of different age groups, gender, class, and generations and that day I enjoyed a lot. It was normal daily life of people traveling to their respective destinations.

At first I saw the view- father was driving the car, mother at the front seat and two children fighting with each other. It provide me sweet reminiscence about my childhood. We had a car of Toyota company and it was same we two (me and my brother) at the back and my mom and dad at front. That car was really special for us as we used to be respected that time a lot but now. The view gave me sweet memories of my dad and mom who used to take us with them everywhere they went.

As I was down in my reminiscence, I happened to look motorbike at the back of that car, and I was not amazed at this scenery because we can see these scenes on the way frequently. It was none other than two young couples, that girl was in college dress and was stick to the boy that the air also couldn’t pass through them I began to think what will the parents of girl will feel when they will see such a scene? I was not amazed but embarrassed to see such thing. In my opinion private things should be inside the close door not in the public place.

Then I looked at two-old couples at the back seat of may be their son’s car. They were in their happiest moment of their life. The car seemed to be brand new as it was shimmering and shining in sun-light. I was amazed by their happiness that was reflected in their eyes and their gestures proved it was none other than their son’s accomplishments. A sense of responsibility towards my own dad and mom came in my mind. I was imagining my own world thinking that one day I would be at the driving seat where the man is now and my dad and mom at the back seat. Then my bus moved on.

I happened to feel and realized something our parents give us birth, give us love and affection when we are unable to do things they could do that time. They give us lessons of life, struggles for our existence and subsistence and when we become a little older we never realize the things they did for us and run for someone else’s love. But this is not what we should do to our parents like the boy or girl did. But I realized that the time comes when we should live for our parents like they lived their life for us, like the dad on driver’s seat. We should repay our parents like the man on the driving seat. I got a lesson of life. Then, the conductor happened to ask me for the fare then I realized I was looking through the glass and was in a day dram indeed. But to be sure I enjoyed the view a lot.


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