Insane’s Insanity

What to tell I have gone insane so many times? Tired from so many fall downs in Life and tried for searching my answer for the question of LIFE and DEATH. Life is the source of living the amount of breathe u take makes you live life but the same breathe if stopped takes your life away. I have been insane and in this insanity I have to live a Life completely in ways of Insanity……”Love”. “Insane Love”. Insane love for the life, love for the things you want to get in your life and love for yourself. Insane Love for your true self your heart and your soul, for others you love, and love for your life you are living.

I am insane and living this absurd life waiting for death to come so fast I don’t know when my death comes to me and I too don’t know when my wait for the perfection will end. Perfection or shall I go for death then I will lose everything forever. No I don’t want die so young I have not seen the world right now. This is what I have been hearing and I call this INSANE. Yes I am talking about this INSANITY that You Love yourself so much and I am not the exception. I call this insane because it has been a wait to be so perfect one day to go for heights of thousand feet’s, Running thousands of miles to get the perfection. Isn’t it so tiresome life that you wait for something that you cannot get it in your life? Something that could not be catch and could never be made yours in life either you try hard. An intolerable wait for the perfection that never ends a long wait that never concludes.

I mean this life is insane full of insane love for one another full of things that you want makes your life totally tiresome and totally INSANE. Absurdity of Life is the thing I am talking about. I found this life completely absurd. Meaninglessness is the meaning of this life. There is in fact no point of perfection that you can achieve and that try for perfection makes you Insane and your life absurd. Absurdities that you cant get attached with it because you don’t want your life to be absurd and insane and that’s what I am saying that you are running thousand of miles away from your true self. Miles and miles that you want to forget that your life is absurd and you want to go away from this absurdity of life.

You want to achieve heights that you can never reach; you want to cross the miles that you can never cross. This is insanity that drives you crazy. Nobody is under limitations, waiting for the perfection to come, like the tramps of Samuel Beckett did in “Waiting for Godot”. Godot never comes while tramps wait for it like that Perfection will never come in our life either hoe hard we try.

We all are waiting for it and I know we will be waiting for it till our death apart us from this world. This wait for perfection is totally insane. This is Insane’s Insanity…. I want to confess I have become Insane because of this world because of Love to self and because of absurdity of this world



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