I became so wild

I became wild so wild…
Leaving my golden days behind

The time couldn’t be still

So it leaved memories for me

Time is so powerful

It made my life fearful

Even though I got stream of knowledge

Today I feel I am on a dreadful bondage

When I think of my past

I think time was too fast

The days, months, years passed

Leaving only memories that last

I was a blossom and then only

My life was started…..

Time ripe me saying it’s hurry

It made me fall so severely

For me there was no way to achieve

My destiny and dreams of my world

For, I didn’t got any chance to prove

That nothing is impossible in the world

There are so many truths

& so many lie too

Can you all solve the mystery?

Why one born and another dies?

I’m in a great melancholy

For this “time” I’m alone

For I’m changed to the extent

& for becoming too wild

Yes, today I’m too wild

For time forbids me to be again child

For being at those moments

Of all I cherish the childish experiences

With glimpses of my memories

All of those I cherish

Are with me on my mind

But why? Time is decreasing my memory

Time says “it’s forcing me to be big &good

But I’m forcing time to bring back my childhood

Is it possible to be big & good?

Without a perfect basement of childhood

So, time please bring back my childhood

And I will surely be big & good

For I will run with you time

To be surely wise &true

For I didn’t utilized time wisely

It changed me drastically

It transfigured me from child

To become today wild so wild




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