Frustrated Heart and Dead Soul

Not able to console myself and control myself
What to do with this frustrated heart and dead soul
Not able to live I am and I am hopeless
I am feeling bad and sad with this dislocated Heart
Heart’s beating and I am inhaling eitheBut why I wanna go so much farther

Farther from the world I live and I die too

I wanna go away away from this soul

Not able to live I am and survive in this situation

But bounded I am to go through this hesitation
Living in this concurent situation in such a hesitation
What more can I get else than Frustrated Heart and Dead Soul.

Feeling numb and dumb I am to speak anything

I feel I am blind to unseen those things I see.
I am deaf to hear those things I hear
In this grief not able to survive I am in fear.

Why this situation came in my life without any guilt?
Why there’s only frustration leftover for me?
I have been bounded to be blind,deaf and dumb.
Even now I dont preserve any feelings to sob.

I have become emotionless and I am feeling pain.
Heart’s is in pain and couldnot get medicine to cure.
Let it be in pain and frustration
Let my soul die and let me “live dead”

Death is what I have been waiting
For it I have all the pains forgetting
I want to take a deep sleep now and
I dont want to wake up from the sleep I will sleep now.

By-: Sweta


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