2008-08-08 ( Yes! The Olympic Day )

Posted on August 9, 2008 by enigmaticsweta

I had know a year before that Olympic will be organised in Beijing, China….Our Chinese teacher had given us to translate the thing about Olympics on our final exam….But yesterday 2008-08-08, I forgot that it was Olympic day….till dad came home and told to watch Olympic….I have been a huge admirer of Chinese culture and those wonderful chinese clads…especially of female…the hair style…and the love for language which I had been learning….Chinese was hard indeed really tough . Those strokes, those eye paining character, those tones of chinese language, those hard but laughter producing and of course our NEPALI tone and Dialect when we spoke Chinese and equally the misunderstanding between we and our Chinese Mam….Wang Yen Feng.Wang Lao Shi ( meaning madam Wang ) was a perfect teacher…..even she learned Nepali language..those six months with her was awesome. She was such an wonderful human being. I had hardly left any Chinese classes of her that gave me the title of her best student…or my enthusiasm of learning Language ….scoring second highest marks and being the youngest student. ( I was 16 then…just passed SLC )To watch Olympic yesterday reminded me my chinese classes….and those wortds of Wang Lao Shi..as she had described it was more nicer than that…I was quite familiar with the chinese cultures that made my separate views towards the opening ceremony…It was unbelievable that it was the humans who were performing….They were performing magic I thought….I loved the dressess of chinese girls screaming and dancing….those enthusiasm of chinese people their unity power made me to think about them for a long time….Equally the participation to make the game from childrens to teenagers to young men and women….They are united and I thought of our nation’s internal conflicts between Madhesis and us I must say… We even don’t have unity among us we the family, among friends and WE…Just the olympics reminded me so many things…the power of Unity indeed…

P.S. I really enjoyed yesterday watching Olympic…..the grand ceremony…reminded me of my old Chinese clasess..i am going to chinese 5th semester from monday


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